A Calabasas holiday vlog

by WouterVertogen

One year in Los Angeles, one year in The Netherlands. Evan and I have our families over the entire world and decided to always switch up where we are celebrating Christmas. Last year we went to Los Angeles after we just did a massive dance project in Saudi Arabia!

It’s not often that the entire family of Evan is home for the holidays and so the family thought it’d be a fun idea to throw a party. And of course, the event planner that I am, I had to help!

I helped organising a lunch party with over 80 people and named it “The Schwarz Cosmo Party”. We planned on mixing some cosmopolitans but this new trend called ‘White Claw’ took over the booze section!

PS: I called the vlog “Keeping up with the Schwarz family” because the Kardashians are quitting their tv series! Guess it was only time before another Calabasas family took over! 😂

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